William Dyson

Douglass.io and BCL OS, Founder

William Dyson

Douglass.io and BCL OS, Founder


William Dyson is the Oakland-based founder of Douglass.io, a decentralized OS platform named in honor of Frederick Douglass, focused on creating new inclusive economic and political spaces, culture change, system change and redefining computing. He also created the BCL non-violent hardware and software license based on the work of Martin Luther King and Gandhi. A meditative practice begun at the age of five helped William survive a family life beset by hard poverty and near starvation, to see he was not alone in the struggle. William is an expert in the fields of Political Philosophy, Artificial Intelligence, Decentralized Data Graphs, Cryptocurrency, and Decentralized Computing Systems.

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The Path to Douglass Open Source and the Beloved Community License

04 Mar 2018
8:35 - 8:35PM EST
Zoom Webinar Online