Fair Representation Act To Reform Congressional Elections

04 Mar 2018
2:00 - 2:30PM EST
Zoom Webinar Online

Fair Representation Act To Reform Congressional Elections

On June 26, 2017, Rep. Don Beyer (D-VA) introduced the Fair Representation Act to Reform Congressional Elections, a bill which would enact a series of measures designed to reform congressional elections. Reps. Ro Khanna (D-CA) and Jamie Raskin (D-MD), co-sponsored on the bill.

FairVote Executive Director Rob Richie said, “The Fair Representation Act is the most comprehensive approach to improving congressional elections in American history. It creates an impartial, national standard that gets at the core of FairVote’s mission: Giving voters greater choice, a stronger voice, and a representative democracy that works for all Americans.

The Fair Representation Act would move US House elections into multi-member districts drawn by independent redistricting commissions, and elected through ranked choice voting. The multi-member districts would be effective in states apportioned six or more seats in the House, and would elect three to five Representatives each, depending on the size of the state. Taken together, these three measures would incentivize congressional candidates to appeal to a broader range of voters.

Full text of the bill may be found here, and more resources, including factsheets and FAQ’s, are available from FairVote here.