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Progressive Coders Network hosts Democratizing Democracy, a virtual conference, on Sunday, March 4, 2018, from 11am til Midnight EST.

Thank you to everyone who registered to present at a session of Democratizing Democracy! Please confirm your Speaker Bio and Session Details. If you have corrections or updates, please email us

General Topics/Tracks

We are eager for viewers to hear what our presenters feel are the most important issues that you and your organization face in your work, and how the tech activist community can help you achieve your goals! Some of your amazing presentations will cover:

  • Empowering GOTV Efforts, Voter Outreach and Electoral Reform
  • Free Internet
  • Free Speech
  • Immigrant Rights
  • Legislative Reform Initiatives
  • Homelessness in America
  • Open Source Tech
  • Civic Engagement
  • Product Presentations
  • Tech Activism

All presentations will be live-streamed and recorded on YouTube. A link of your presentation will be emailed to you as soon as the video is processed.

Verify Submissions

Please check Speaker Bios and Session Details to verify the accuracy of the following:

  • Time & Duration of Presentation
  • Presentation Title & Description
  • Speaker Headshot(s)
  • Organization or Product Logo
  • Email Address & Social Media Links
  • Speaker(s) personal pronouns

You are welcome to have someone who knows the subject matter of your presentation join you during the session to help respond to Q&A, create polls or communicate with viewers via Zoom’s Chat feature. If you choose to have a presentation assistant accompany your session, please send that person’s name and email address to us ASAP at

Presentation Parameters

“Together, we can democratize democracy and make it safe again for amateurs.” -Eric Liu
  • We will not accept partisan presentations. We seek to remove labels and political buzzwords from public discourse and to reach a broad cross-section of society which by and large agrees on progressive issues. We define “progressive” as those movements which seek to further economic, environmental, social and racial justice for all.

  • Presentation topics should fit within the concept of “democratizing democracy”–how everyday people can actively participate in representative government to fix socio-economic problems. How do you or your organization use tech activism to return power to the hands of the governed? This article can help you gain a more thorough understanding of ProgCode and what we mean when we use the term “democratizing democracy”.

  • Presentation topics should be aligned with (but do not have to focus on) ProgCode’s mission to reduce or remove the influence of money in politics by supporting the creation of open source tech tools to empower progressive grassroots movements.

Keep in Touch

Please join ProgCode’s #virtual-conference channel in Slack to stay up to date on the most recent events. If you’re not in Slack yet, join us!

Watch this space in the coming days as we get details up about the schedule and speakers and don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any additional questions! Thank you for the role you play in Democratizing Democracy!


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