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March 4 2018
11am til Midnight EST
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Democratizing Democracy: Sunday, March 4, 2018 from Noon to Midnight EST.
Due to high interest, conference times may be extended.
Day 1
04 Mar 2018

Progressive Coders Network

Welcome to Democratizing Democracy! ProgCode History, Culture, Mission & Values. REGISTER HERE to attend this and other fascinating sessions!
Joe Breslin
Stephen Scapelliti
Pamela John

Democratizing The News with Newsvoice

Newsvoice is a new type of news app that aims to democratize the media, break filter bubbles, and move the power over the news over to real people. REGISTER HERE...
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Viktor Lidholt

How to Convince Your Boss to Go Open Source

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Ann Lewis

Carpool Vote: Fighting Back Against Voter Suppression

Recent Supreme Court rulings have led seen significant reductions in the opportunities to vote in several states. Prohibitive procedures, remote locations of polling places and various other barriers to voting...
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Jon Kelly

Fair Representation Act To Reform Congressional Elections

On June 26, 2017, Rep. Don Beyer (D-VA) introduced the Fair Representation Act to Reform Congressional Elections, a bill which would enact a series of measures designed to reform congressional...
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Drew Spencer Penrose

The Consolidation of Media & Finance (Or, WHY THE MEDIA IS LYING TO YOU)

Since the Clinton administration’s Telecommunications Act of 1996, a dangerous consolidation of the media has drastically affected the landscape of journalism as we know it. Michael’s presentation demonstrates the relationship...
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Rev. Dr. Michael Salamone

Nametag: Scaling Authentic Conversations with Voters Online

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David Jay

Civ.Works: A Social Network As A Gateway Drug to Civic Engagement

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George A. Polisner

Revolution-In-A-Box: How can we make ProgCode projects play better together and scale faster?

From movement-coordinating tools like Maps for Change to mass-texting tools like Spoke, ProgCode is home to many amazing tools that just take a little tech work to get up and...
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Oren Robinson

Florida Immigrant Coalition’s Initiative to Restore the Vote to 1.5 Million Floridians

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Tomas Kennedy

Hacking Homelessness

How I have used a bit of technology (and a lot of humanity) to help dozens of people experiencing homelessness get off-the-streets or otherwise improve their lives, and how you...
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Kevin F. Adler

Every Public Meeting: Local meetings happen all the time. Let’s make showing up easy.

Every Public Meeting is a free, crowd-sourced directory of every public meeting from every state, county, and local public body. Each meeting is a dead simple, highly-shareable event page, with...
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Oren Robinson

Get Your P2P SMS Tool (Spoke) set up in 15 mins

Spoke is an open source text-distribution tool for organizations to mobilize supporters and members into action. Spoke allows you to upload phone numbers, customize scripts and assign volunteers to communicate...
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Shaka Lee

Why a Political Revolution is easier to win than you think, why it’s still hard and what we can do about it.

​It doesn’t take too many people to win a non-violent revolution. In fact, we have more than enough progressives to do it without needing to convince anyone or change any...
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Mike Howard
Kipchoge Spencer

Voluntary basic income via member-based income sharing

While governmental universal basic income programs have received increased media attention of late, they still face enormous political hurdles. Government programs have a number of advantages, but there is nothing...
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Ryan Harrison

The Path to Douglass Open Source and the Beloved Community License

Integrating Martin Luther King’s “Beloved Community” into technology for system change. REGISTER HERE to attend this and other fascinating sessions! ProgCode regrets that this presentation has been canceled due to...
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William Dyson

ProgBot: Anonymized Member Skills & Projects Directory

Robert Diamond will present ProgBot–a unique anonymized member skills and projects directory which helps ProgCode uphold its values of member autonomy while enabling application project leads to contact members whose...
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Robert Diamond

Magnify Progress

Magnify Progress is an answer to political disillusionment. Rather than focus solely on calling representatives, we give people additional opportunities to do local actions. Rather than feel like you’re living...
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Malous Kossarian

What would happen if we could activate the latent economy that exists in each neighborhood?

Frustrated with the current nonprofit sector and systemic barriers to capacity expansion and inefficient critical service delivery to populations? Learn about new technologies leveraging resources that already exist in our...
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Daniel Little

Whole Washington Universal Healthcare #I-1600

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Gerald Friedman, Ph.D.
Sara So
Erin Georgen

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